About Kinesis

At Kinesis, we believe movement should feel good. 

We’ve created a unique form of fitness coaching. A complete mind and body training experience that focusses on you the individual, in a dynamic and responsive environment that will change and evolve in line with your needs.

A combined Pilates and Gyrotonic studio, Kinesis integrates the benefits of an inter-disciplinary approach with a personalised training experience. We innovate in and beyond the disciplines of Pilates and Gyrotonic to create tailor-made programmes that are at the cutting edge of health and fitness today.

The result is a training experience that will take you to an entirely new level of fitness, health and wellbeing.

Our team of expert trainers and therapists have been hand-picked for their individual strengths and pools of experience. This enables Kinesis to cater for clients of every fitness level and ability, from professional athletes to those who are out of practice, pregnant, suffering with injury or simply starting from scratch. Our highly individualised programmes work in harmony with your lifestyle, combining our disciplines and therapies to create goals that are challenging and measurable, yet achievable and fun.

Through this personalised, three-dimensional approach, Kinesis have created a training experience that is flexible, intuitive and progressive, evolving with you throughout the changes and stages of your life.

Here at Kinesis, we challenge you to move in a way that feels good.

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