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3 Private Sessions + 2 Group Classes.

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Solo Workout

If time is of the essence and you can not book into your class this week, ask your instructor if you are able to do a solo workout.

Not just for instructors, anybody who has been cleared by a teacher to be safe and competent in the use of our equipment can book a solo workout.

Subject to studio availability, bookings can be made through the front desk. A great way to keep your class frequency up at a reduced cost.

£50 Private Session

Thanks for checking out Kinesis, we’re looking forward to getting you moving.

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Beginner Series Workshop

Love the idea of getting personal feedback from a top-level instructor but private lessons aren’t in the budget?

Join Steph for 3 sessions of fun, intensive workouts where you will be taught the entire Pilates beginner exercises. Each week focuses on different apparatus.

The result? You will leave with the entire beginner level repertoire for the Reformer, Mat and Cadillac rooted in your brain and body. A great foundation to take to more advanced levels of Pilates and to set you up for the year you want!

A perfect way to start or deepen your Pilates practice and for progressing into semi privates and apparatus group classes completely ahead of the curve.

Urban Junkies

“It’s now been eight weeks since I handed my body over to Kinesis. The outsourcing project has been supremely successful, if I do say so myself. Not only has my body improved with the helpful edition of long, lean muscles – but I’m standing taller, my posture is better and my body feels, well, supple, like my spine and limbs have been stretched. I’m remarkably more flexible. But the best thing, by far, is how less stressed I am, on a daily basis.”


“The studio is fitted out with the best of all the Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment, and is light and bright and aesthetically soothing. The very lovely owner and teacher, Melissa, is one of the most refreshing people I’ve ever met, and you feel that vibe the minute you enter. Their pre-natal courses will strengthen and tone the whole body, allowing for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery, while the post-natal courses will help women shed pounds, tone the body and build strength for feeding and carrying the baby.

Jenn Ploszaj

“After 6 weeks of physio, orthopaedic surgeon, MRI, cortisone shot, [I found out] I have ITB Friction Syndrome and a bit of torn cartilage.  Lucy Cullum diagnosed it almost three months ago when I told her I’d been having trouble bending my knee all the way – and she immediately started trying exercises to see what was happening with my ITB, hip flexors, etc.  Then of course, Monique followed on with advice to strengthen the glute medius. Just want you to know that you have some seriously talented and well informed gals working with you!”

Sarah Myers

“I started at Kinesis with an introductory package and was very impressed with the staff. Having suffered chronic back problems, the instructors were able to assess my body better than any physical therapist I’d previously worked with. When I graduated to group classes, they always felt more like private classes to me as the instructors continued to tailor all my exercises to my body and its needs. After a couple of months of regular classes, my back felt better than it had in years and I finally had the strength to do activities like hiking, skiing, and running. Now that I no longer live in London, I’ve learned how spoiled I was at Kinesis. Beyond the top notch instructors, the studio is gorgeous, the equipment top notch, the space always clean and welcoming.”

Jill Manthos

“As a result of a burst disc, I arrived at your studio with severe muscle loss, nerve damage and shingles so painful that only brain addling drugs enabled me to bear clothes touching my skin.  Slowly under your guidance and expertise and with much laughter and kindness, I can walk and run; even though diagnosed with arthritis in every part of my body. I amazed the specialist by being able to touch my toes!  The log jam of jangled ligaments, eased and corrected through the gentle movements and exercises of Pilates enabled me, quickly, to enter back into the mainstream of the fun of doing and thinking – without pain. So thank you Melissa, Monique, Lucy and Dylan for taking me from the dark place of pain and fear, by and with the combination of your expertise, kindness and laughter.”


“You have created a haven at Kinesis – a gentle and embracing place to exercise. I am so grateful to you.”

Isabel Villavecchia

“I arrived to live in London 2 years ago. It took time to settle in a new, big, tough city like London. Finding Kinesis Studios, becoming a member of it and making it a part of my life, has not only helped me physically, but also has given me a great feeling every time to open their door. Teachers, therapists and staff had become a part of my family. And their care, warmth and professional help is beyond anything I expected. Thank you so much..”

Tania Maggiolo

“I just wanted to let you know how brilliant Holly and Luisa are. I did my 4th Gyro tonight and it was amazing. Luisa is very concentrated, very precise and a fabulous instructor. And Holly, every class I learn a new exercise or an extension of something we have been working to make it harder. And the day after every class I feel that something or everything has worked from the day before.”

Fawzi Germanus

“I was introduced to Gyrotonic exercises by a friend in Cape Town ( I was suffering with Sciatica and back ache). At this stage I could not walk more than twenty or thirty yards without a rest. Treatments by Dylan Elmore started at twice a week, reducing to one hour a week and then reduced again to one Trio session a week. Since last July I have been able to walk upright for a mile or two without twisting my back and with no back pain. I’ll be continuing my Gyrotonic Trio exercises for foreseeable future. Have not felt better and more “upright” for years.”

West London Living: TRX Class Review

“I really enjoyed the fluid movements of the class and it was perfect for building strength and core stability without causing any injury. It is also perfect for all fitness levels because the user can control the resistance and level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of their body.”

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West London Living: Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic at Kinesis Studios

“The slow flowing moves help you to feel more in tune with your body, while the exercises definitely tone. I’m used to doing lots of cardio and working out with weights, so couldn’t help asking Sophie what other exercise she does to keep her figure so lean and toned, but she confirmed she only does Gyrotonic. I came away feeling like I’d had a deep tissue massage. I felt very relaxed and a little dazed. An early night was in order. This is definitely a class for those who like the gain without pain.”

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Babyccino: Kinesis Pilates Studio Review

 “Until recently I had never been inside a Pilates studio, I certainly didn’t know the difference between Pilates and Gyrotonics, and I would never have thought (even after my mom’s raves) that I would like it!

But au contraire! With three lessons under my belt, consider me the newest Pilates fanatic. I have soreness in muscles I didn’t even know existed, and I’m loving it. I feel totally energized.”

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Urban Junkies: Emma Flexes

“And so, I’m hooked. So much so that I’ve signed up for a twenty future sessions. It might not feel pleasant to peel myself out of bed so early in the morning, especially with a killer hangover. But after, leaving Kinesis, walking out into the sunshine of a Portobello morning ­ I can’t tell you how good I feel.”

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Urban Junkies: Emma Does the Gyrotonics

“Melissa, a Gyrotonics expert, was teaching me today. She walked me over to the impressive, but oppressive, machines and explained the basics. Essentially, Gyrotonics is a movement exercise, similar to Pilates, but slightly more fluid in some ways.”

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