How do I join?

There is no Membership at Kinesis – you simply pay-as-you-go or buy discounted blocks of private or group sessions.

What do I wear?

You will need to be comfortable and be able to move around easily so we suggest you wear a t-shirt and non-restrictive track pants, leggings or long shorts.You will not be wearing trainers or shoes but you will be required to wear clean socks.

How do I book?

For your first class – call 07968 940 377.

If we do not answer your call immediately, please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

After your first private session all group classes are booked, changed and cancelled by you online.

What’s the cancellation policy?

As we keep your session times solely for you, filling times last minute is rarely possible. Therefore we enforce a strict 48 hours for all classes. Cancellations outside these times will be charged in full. Where we are able to fill your slot, we will not charge you for your cancellation but please remember this cannot be guaranteed.

Can I change my programme or goals?

Yes! Your programme should be changing and developing along with your skills and progress.  We are delighted to offer suggestions of other styles of training which would be a useful challenge or supplement to your work with us.

What if I can’t get in one week with my regular instructor?

Don’t panic!

We are committed to keeping up and developing our training in order to stay ahead of the curve and have something extra to offer you on our return. So when your teacher is away, use the opportunity to try one of our other teachers. It is always valuable to see and hear what another pair of eyes and hands will see when training you. You might even make a shift in the way that you move that will inspire something new in your regular teacher upon their return.

More than this, all your sessions (yep, we write up every session) will be noted. Any cover teacher will therefore be well informed about the themes on which you have been working and will be able to step in and take very good care of you in your regular teacher’s absence.

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