What We Do

At Kinesis, we’re committed to creating the perfect training environment for you.

We believe the right class environment is a completely individual requirement and that the correct blend and frequency of tuition is the key to achieving the results you want. We therefore offer a selection of Private, Duet, Trio and small Group classes.

All new clients to Kinesis undertake a private session first. In it, your instructor will perform a thorough analysis of your body in movement, recommend classes within your budget and time availability and suggest a realistic timescale to reaching your goal. Whilst many people will be able to enter group class after one private session, other clients prefer or require the attention of one to one training. Client feedback has shown that combining group and Private sessions gives the best results through healthy competition in groups enhanced by the benefits of a 1:1 focus.

Our studio is a resource for you as a client as much as it is for us. If you love regularity, our studio is here for you at the same hour each day or week. If however you prefer to mix and match, combining different styles of class, then no training week need be the same, ensuring that exercise is effective, challenging and always fun.

At Kinesis, you’ll discover the perfect training environment for you.


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