Inspiring Fitness

At Kinesis, we know how tough it is at the top.

It is has been widely known for some time that many top athletes and trainers gain their competitive edge with Pilates. Increasingly, Gyrotonic is seen as the secret weapon. At Kinesis, we offer a dual approach and level of fine tuning that is missing in so much conventional training methodology. The result is improved performance, a lower rate of injury and faster recovery.

If you are training at the peak level of fitness, you’ll know that there is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained at all times. Often, you’re prone to muscular imbalances, restrictions along overtrained fascial lines and chronically fatigued systems. Whilst repetitive and intense training strengthens some parts of the body, others areas can become shortened and overstretched, leaving them weakened or less responsive. Pilates and Gyrotonic reveal and correct such imbalances, in turn making the whole body more efficient.

Your training at Kinesis will start with a 1:1 assessment, where we will look at your breathing, flexibility, muscle firing, core integration and muscular imbalances.  This will be done by observing you following a series of basic movement patterns to see how your body organizes itself. We will then discuss with you what we have observed in the context of your specific goals and physical requirements. From there your instructor will create a tailored programme of movement and possibly referrals designed to meet your immediate goals and needs.

At Kinesis, we’ll articulate what you need to reach your goals, regardless of how high they are.