Positive Ageing

It is a fact that as we get older the body and its systems go through a number of changes. Many of these changes are interrelated. It might not be something we look forward to but the good news is that the rates of change are managed by our lifestyles and choices. Some forms of exercise address one issue while having a negative affect on another. Two forms that address all of these systems and structures of the body in a safe way are Pilates and Gyrotonic.

In ageing, muscle and bone mass tend to decrease while body fat tends to increase. Pilates and Gyrotonic increase muscle strength and bone density without strain or load to other body systems, have manageable impact on joints and can be tailored to care for specific injuries or physical limitations. It is especially successful in maintaining or restoring range of motion and function following injury or surgery.

Changes in nervous and sensory systems can affect balance, co-ordination and efficient use of our muscles which in turn affects our confidence to rely on our body to perform which in turn affects posture and function. A vicious cycle. Both Pilates and Gyrotonic work on the mobility and stability of the body and as integrated forms of exercise increase confidence in balance, co-ordination and strength.

Heart rates tend to slow with age and in turn blood pressure rises. By maintaining optimal breathing patterns age related decline in oxygen distribution around the body will arrest the slowing down of the metabolism and will assist regulation of blood pressure and heart rate.

Pilates and Gyrotonic also calm and relax the body and mind reducing stress and increasing our feeling of well being.

When you begin, your instructor will need to know your medical history, any medications you are taking and any recommendations that your GP might have in order to ensure that they can create the most specific and encompassing programme and progressions for you.

From there regular updates and changes will make sure you are always progressing, always challenging your mind and body and always… having fun!

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