Pre and Post-Natal

At Kinesis, we’re here for every step of your journey.

Pilates strengthens the most important muscles women will use during pregnancy and labour, making it one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women.  The exercises build abdominal, back and pelvic muscles that support more comfortable pregnancies and deliveries.

Pilates exercises can be adapted to your body’s abilities and have low to no impact on joints and bones. As a discipline it is an equally valuable tool post pregnancy, helping new mothers to return to their previous level of fitness and body shape.

The improvement in muscle tone, circulation and breath control gained through practicing Pilates is also of value during labour. Improved circulation allows an increased oxygen supply to the womb whilst breathing techniques used in Pilates can support breath control during childbirth whilst improved pelvic floor function is also though to shorten labour lengths.

We take the various stages of your pregnancy very seriously, believing each one requires a very specific level of care.

For specific information on Pilates during the different trimesters please click here.

Resuming Pilates After Childbirth

We believe exercise during pregnancy should help to keep you toned, focused and with the tools to give birth and recover with confidence. Medical advice states that women can generally return to exercise four to six weeks after delivery, or eight to twelve weeks after a Caesarean section, but your doctor will be able to advise you on when your body is ready.

Practicing Pilates will help your body regain its shape and tone and re-balance muscles that have been loaded during your pregnancy. Exercises can be adapted to individual needs, so whether you have had a vaginal or Caesarian delivery a safe workout can be developed to support your return to your non-pregnant state.

At Kinesis, we’ve got a programme for every step of your journey. 

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