Our Founder

Melissa Cosby founded Kinesis Studios in 2007, spurred on by the desire to build a fitness studio that offered true diversity, both in terms of disciplines offered and the techniques adopted to teach them.

Mixing different disciplines and different styles of teaching and treating clients means that we all, as teachers and people, keep asking questions about our own techniques and assumptions.”

Melissa is passionate about how we move. How we move to be pain free, to look good, be graceful in our bodies and express ourselves. And she is equally passionate about what moves us as people and how and where these two paradigms meet.

In the late 1990’s at the beginning of her psychotherapy training Melissa was often left feeling that even in a “body-centred” philosophy, the body and more specifically movement was somehow sidelined in the exploration of the psyche, emotional expression, health and wellbeing.

Conversely, while teaching exercise it became equally apparent that the psyche and our general mindset is often disregarded when approaching illness, pain, fitness, wellness and the entire realm of “looking good”.

With a healthy dose of irreverence and fun, it is Melissa’s mission to create a place where it is accepted that things are connected and that serious things can be held lightly and minute things can be explored as a door to an interesting insight.

For whatever reason a client comes to Kinesis, we make their goals ours and put all our collective skills behind helping those goals be realised.


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